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  1. Initial State song lyrics for album Abort The Soul. Tracks: Pagan Prayer, Begin To Breathe, Die Silent, Feast, Every Promise Broken, Abort The Soul, Collapse, Swarm, Eclipse, Purge, Birthright, What Does It Mean? (Hand That Feeds).
  2. a) Abortion after the soul (Ruh) enters the foetus b) Abortion prior to the entry of the soul in to the foetus Before mentioning the ruling on abortion with regards to these two stages, it must be remembered here, that according to Shari’ah the soul (Ruh) enters the foetus at days (4 months) from conception.
  3. Oct 21,  · Abortion, Health Care and the Soul. over her loved ones from the deep South raging that Obama was a murderer because his health care plan would sanction abortion. She felt an insurmountable gulf between, which seems to have gripped much of the nation as well, a gulf between those who consider themselves progressives, myself included, and.
  4. Abort the Soul Lyrics: Abort the soul. Plant the seed / The natural state fall casualty / Gods Gods Gods Gods / Icons worshiped. Lobotomize / Forked.

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