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  1. The Iron Law of Wages is a theory in classical economics which claims that in the long run, real wages (wages that are in term with the amount of goods and services that can be purchased with them) always tend to move in the direction of the minimum wage that is necessary for the survival of a .
  2. iron law of oligarchy. Lipset, Trow, and Coleman (, p. ) say that “the functional requirements for democracy cannot be met most of the time in most unions or voluntary organizations.” Clemens (, p. ) writes that “we have come to expect co-optation, conservative goal transformation, and the ‘iron law .
  3. Jun 29,  · Which leads me to propose an Iron Law of Iron Laws. I’ll gladly claim credit for it, but it won’t surprise me if someone beat me to it. If a purported iron law isn’t the most cynical and pessimistic interpretation of a process or system, it isn’t an Iron Law. Posted on June 29, , in Blog.
  4. An introspection on how future civilizations will view humanity. They'll find nothing but destroyed buildings and empty streets. They'll never know how people's hopes and fears were manipulated by corrupt leaders claiming to be righteous. Future empires will only find The steel spines that hold up the sky Empty streets echo the time When authority guided the blind Future corruption will hide Album: Conqueror.
  5. IRON AND THE SOUL by Henry Rollins I believe that the definition of definition is reinvention. To not be like your parents. To not be like your friends. To be yourself. Completely. When I was young I had no sense of myself. All I was, was a product of all the fear and humiliation I Continue reading "Iron and The Soul by Henry Rollins".
  6. The iron law became a central theme in the study of organized labour, political parties, and pluralist democracy in the postwar era. Although much of this scholarship basically confirmed Michels’s arguments, a number of prominent works began to identify important anomalies and limitations to the iron law framework.
  7. Definition of iron law.: a law or controlling principle that is incontrovertible and inexorable iron laws of historical necessity.
  8. Jun 16,  · Back in , German sociologist Robert Michels observed the “iron law of oligarchy,” or the inevitable concentration of power among a few within any complex, modern organization. What we are witnessing today is the iron law of populism: the almost inevitable march of populists toward authoritarian control.

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